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Commercial & Contract Wholesale Baking
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Yoss Baking is a wholesale bakery supplying restaurants, hotels, country clubs, foodservice companies and others with the best cakes, pies, and specialty products. We are small enough to be flexible to handle your requests and large enough to handle most wholesale baking needs.

Do you need to have a commercial bakery produce in volume for you? Contact us to discuss your contract baking needs. We will happily meet with you to see how we can meet your contract baking requirements.

Wholesale Contract Baking Products

Yoss Baking's gourmet wholesale dessert products are served in some of the finest restaurants and hotels. If your fine dining establishment is looking for the absolute perfect ending to any meal, check out any of our fabulous dessert offerings below:

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History of Our Commercial Wholesale Bakery

Yoss Baking: Wholesale Bakery, Commercial Bakery, Contract BakeryOur wholesale bakery began in the 1940’s as Yoss Brothers Baking Corporation and it became one of New York City’s pre-eminent wholesale bread and rolls bakery servicing all of New York City, Westchester, and Long Island.

In 1974, the bakery traveled south becoming The Royal Bagel in Atlanta, Georgia. The Royal Bagel became a multi-award winning bakery eventually growing into one of the largest cafés in Atlanta, creating everything from its original bagels to pastries and complex wedding cakes.

When The Royal Bagel closed in 1997, it was hailed as an Atlanta institution in local and regional newspapers, on radio and television. The Royal Bagel was voted “Best of Atlanta” thirteen years running.

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What our Customers Think

"Michael Yoss of Yoss Baking and I have had a working relationship for the past 10 years. He prepares deserts that are always outstanding and brings the old-fashioned “home-baked” feel in to our restaurant here at Cabernet Steakhouse. Yoss Baking provides excellent customer service and is ready, willing and able to accommodate any request to ensure the utmost satisfaction."

- Chef Richard Holley, Cabernet Steakhouse

"We couldn’t be happier with their attention to detail and quality. Everything that Michael and his staff produces is top notch. In addition, we purchase his desserts for many of our catering orders because I have yet to find anything better and they are Simply The Best."

- Geoff Melkonian. Breadwinner, Inc.


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