Yoss Baking, Cherry Street Brewing, Team Up to Create Porter Cakes

Cherry Street Brewing Pumpkin Porter CakeYoss Baking has teamed up with Rick Tanner’s Grille and Bar and Cherry Street Brewing to produce two amazing cake creations this year – a Coconut Porter Cake, and a perfect-for-fall Pumpkin Porter Cake.

Both cake creations feature special porter brews from Cherry Street Brewing.

Yoss Baking has been working with Rick Tanner’s Grille and Bar since July of 2013 to bake a special cake called “Chief Sawnee’s Stash Coconut Porter”. This cake is similar to Michael Yoss’ signature New York Blackout Cake and uses the coconut porter as a substitute for the liquid pound for pound.

“It was an absolute no-brainer to team up with Yoss Baking to create a super-rich and decadent cake using our coconut porter.” said Nick Tanner of Rick Tanner’s & Cherry Street Brewing, “Our coconut porter is one of our top selling beers both in the brewpub and for distribution. We can’t brew it fast enough.”

The Coconut Porter cake that came out last year has become such a hit that they decided to team up again to create the perfect Cherry Street Pumpkin Porter Cake for all of the Pumpkin Spice lovers out there.

While the Coconut Porter cake can be described as, Chocolate pudding separating a triple layer chocolate cake baked with the Chief Sawnee’s stash coconut porter and covered in a chocolate butter cream frosting and toasted coconut flakes.

The Pumpkin Spice Porter Cake is very similar – Cherry Street Pumpkin Porter with spices and pumpkin caramel butter cream with ground cake crumbs on the side.

The Pumpkin Spice Porter Cake is available for a limited time only, while the Coconut Porter Cake is a stable at the restaurant and isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Want to try the specialty cakes? Visit Rick Tanner’s Grille and Bar in Cumming.

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