Michael Yoss Profiled in Atlanta Jewish Times

The most recent issue of the Jewish Times has a familiar face inside. Yoss Baking owner Michael Yoss was featured in an article about his former business, The Royal Bagel.

The Royal Bagel was owned and operated by Michael and his parents, Kenny and Rose Yoss. Located in Ansley Mall, it was open for over 23 years and closed in 1997. Michael’s profile in the Jewish Times covered the closing of the bakery and what he has been up to since then.

Read the Full feature on the Royal Bagel Here
Since The Royal Bagel closed, Michael has been busy building up Yoss Baking. He now supplies cakes and pies to clients across the metro Atlanta area and beyond. Among his client list are Delta Airlines, and Rick Tanner’s Bar and Grille in Cumming.

“I moved into my building in Norcross 9 years ago” Says Michael, “I have been steadily increasing my product line outside since then. We are still expanding product line and we sell to restaurants, hotels, Delta Airlines and we do contract baking.”

Michael has set up a tribute site to the Royal Bagel at (http://theroyalbagel.com/) where you can go to see pictures of the shop and read articles from the glory days.

Wholesale Desserts Perfect End to Restaurants Meal

Wholesale Desserts for RestaurantsYou’ve delivered the perfect starter and they’ve cleaned the plate with your main course. Now what? Offering a range of great desserts at your restaurant is great in theory, but if you lack the skills or a pastry chef on staff, you might be missing out on this potential revenue generator.

In today’s economy, dessert is actually an affordable luxury and fewer people are skipping it when they go out to eat. With some restaurants reporting that up to 75% of patrons are satisfying their sweet tooth, failing to provide quality desserts can be detrimental for your restaurant’s earning potential.

Yoss Baking: Your Restaurant’s Sweet Secret

Many busy restaurateurs lack both the time and skills to prepare their desserts in house, but still want to offer a range of tasty cakes, pies and treats to their customers. Instead of forgoing the sweet stuff, many restaurants and chefs are turning to outside sources for their desserts.

Since 2002, Yoss Baking has been providing the city with our range of specialty wholesale desserts including cakes and pies for restaurant’s needs.

Let Them Eat Cake. Really Good Cake.

One of the benefits of using Yoss Baking to provide your sweets wholesale is the range of products they can offer. This means you can have a few favorites in your dessert menu, as well as branch out with rotating options – great for regular customers who like to see something new.

Additionally, we regularly work with restaurants to provide desserts to specification and even specialty party and event orders. If you can dream it, we can bake it.

Bottom Line Benefits With Top Line Products

While some restaurants might question the quality of a wholesale baking operation, Yoss Baking has been providing some of the finest restaurants, hotels and services in Atlanta with quality desserts and baked goods for over a decade.

Using quality ingredients and the utmost care, Yoss Baking’s desserts are easily comparable with having a pastry chef in your kitchen, only without the staffing and salary requirements. This kind of savings coupled with great, wholesale prices can offer a huge advantage to restaurants who want to keep their customer’s sweet tooth satisfied.

If you’re looking to expand your dessert offerings but lack the time, skill or staffing requirements to do so, Yoss Baking can act as your partner to provide sweet endings to your customer base. With a huge range of quality products and the ability to work with you on an individual basis for specialty items, your dessert menu is only limited by your imagination.

Contact Yoss Baking today to discover how we can help build your restaurant’s reputation for perfect desserts!