Three years ago, I met Michael Yoss outside of a mutual customer’s restaurant. He saw me carrying a tray of our Breadwinner Breads into the restaurant and said, “I’ve heard of your business…I’ve had your Apple Honey bread.” He introduced himself. I, of course, remembered him from the hundreds of times that I dined in his famous bagel shop and restaurant “Royal Bagel”. Michael asked where we were doing our baking, to which I reluctantly replied, “in our double oven at home”. He said, “Nonsense”, and graciously offered us the use of his current bakery. After visiting his facility, we realized that this was going to be the first big step for Breadwinner. After some time of renting his facility, Breadwinner, Inc. has now partnered up with Yoss Baking where Michael and his staff now bake every single bread for Breadwinner. We couldn’t be happier with their attention to detail and quality. Everything that Michael and his staff produces is top notch. In addition, we purchase his desserts for many of our catering orders because I have yet to find anything better and they are Simply The Best.

– Geoff Melkonian, Breadwinner, Inc.